Fishing, in web3
Welcome to QMS TRACE, the ultimate digital platform for fishermen to track and manage their fishing activities with ease and efficiency. Our web app is designed to transform the way you fish, ensuring every catch is smartly documented and authenticated.

A special thank you goes to the City of Sorrento with whom we collaborated to successfully complete the first phase of our project.

While this platform has been specifically tailored for fishing, it possesses the versatile capability to notarize any kind of information on the blockchain, as demonstrated in this link. To utilize this feature, you simply need to pretend to be a fisherman, initiate a navigation, and register a 'catch', entering the information you wish to immortalize on the blockchain. If you want a customized solution contact us at

Here's how you can harness the power of our platform:

1. Registration

  • - Fisherman's Profile: Start by creating your personal profile. This is your fishing identity on our platform.
  • - Boat and Business Registration: Register your boats and fishing business to get them recognized on our global fishing map.

2. Starting Your Fishing Journey

  • - Initiate Navigation: Before casting your nets, initiate a navigation session on the app. This includes selecting your boat, identifying the business involved, nominating the captain, and recording the start time and geolocation.

3. Logging Your Catches:

  • - Catch Details: While at sea, you can add information about each catch. This includes the species name, FAO code, quantity, weight, and the exact timestamp and geolocation of the catch.
  • - Blockchain Integration: Crucially, record your catch information on the blockchain. This guarantees authenticity and makes the data tamper-proof.

4. Sharing and Transparency:

  • - Making Catches Public: Once logged, your catch becomes accessible to the public. This transparency is key to sustainable fishing practices.
  • - QR Code Generation: For each catch, generate a unique QR code. This can be attached to the fish batch, offering final consumers full insight into the catch's journey from sea to plate.

Our platform is committed to promoting responsible fishing practices. For example, we linked our application to the environmental sea data. In future, this application will integrate with any e-invoincing system allowing you to digitalize and manage all your commercial activities in one place. By providing a comprehensive and secure system for tracking and authenticating catches, we empower you to contribute to a sustainable future for our oceans. Start your journey with us today and experience fishing like never before!
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